Remediation & Enabling

At JOG Contractors, we believe that understanding the bigger picture enables us to adapt to the many varieties of difficulties that can be encountered when preparing a site for construction and development. It is through this understanding that we are best positioned to deal quickly and effectively with any situation that may arise.
We are happy to operate as a Main Contractor when required and this is often useful for our Client’s at the beginning of a housing project or where we are carrying out works to existing highways.

JOG Contractors have undertaken works in various conditions including Greenfield and Brownfield sites for residential developers, and ‘built up’ areas for commercial developers.  These works have formed the basis for various developments including minor and major residential housing, Leisure Complexes & Retail Facilities.

For more information please submit your enquiry to and a member of staff from the relevant department will get back to you within 24 hours to discuss your requirements. If you would like a quicker approach then please call on 01342 301525 and a member of staff will deal with your enquiry as soon possible.

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